House of Rabbits’ Chariviari in Voyeurville Trailer

House of Rabbits – “Charivari in Voyeurville” received rave reviews, nominations and awards this past June during its run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. One of the awards our show received was the Encore Producers’ Award. The Encore Producer Awards represent the best of the Hollywood Fringe as selected by venue producers, based on artistic merit and commercial potential. Thanks to the Bootleg Theater, we’ve been chosen to extend our run for 3 days at their amazing venue this July! If you’ve seen the show and loved it, come see it again in this amazing space! If you haven’t seen it yet, now is your chance! We believe this particular venue will be a perfect fit for our exciting production! We over-sold all 6 shows of our 99 seat theater at the Fringe Festival and now we are aiming to sell these shows out as well.

And here are some of the lovely things that critics, fellow fringers and audience members had to say about the show:

-“I highly recommend checking out this weird, weird -show… it’s like Pippin on acid.”
-“The best I’ve ever seen at the Fringe!”
-“Sexy, mysterious, visually stimulating”
-“This is the tippy-top of bold, truly theatrical work.”
-“Twisted, sick, hypnotic, raw, gritty, erotic masterpiece of a show.”
-“Rock and Roll commedia dell’sexté!”
-“This sexy and poignant opera kept a smile on my face and a surprise in my groin.”
-“Faust meets David Lynch!”
-“Everything about this production is beautifully executed.”
-“Charivari is the very definition of ‘spectacle.’”
-“A truly magical, fantastical journey.”
-“A veritable delight of wit, gyrating beauty, riveting music and a narrative that follows us afterwards…”
-“A visual feast from start to finish”
-“This show lacks for nothing and achieves much”
-“It’s beautifully constructed chaos… and I loved every minute of it!”
-“A white knuckle ride full of amazing choreography, well written and humorous subject matter and incredible music”
-“An odd and exceedingly entertaining highbred of Edward Gorey blended with Bugs Bunny”

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